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Bring Us In Good Ale is the seventh episode of the first season of Cursed. It is the seventh episode of the series overall.


While Nimue, Morgana and Kaze seek refuge in an ancient web of tunnels, Arthur and Gawain fend off a siege led by the Weeping Monk.


His arrow missing Arthur, the Weeping Monk emerges from hiding and battles Arthur by sword. He manages to battle Arthur to a standstill, but Gawain returns with Bergerum and rescues him. The group then flees for a windmill, but Bergerum is shot down while battling Red Paladins. Elsewhere, Nimue and Morgana travel through Brother's Blood, an ancient battleground cursed by the Callieach. Kaze joins them, reporting that they have left than an hour before Pendragon's soldiers reach them. Although Kaze is very wary of it, they have no choice but to continue to travel through Brother's Blood. They discover a cave and release their horses before heading inside, hoping the soldiers will follow the horses instead and lose the trail.

Back at the ruins of the ancient castle, Merlin is bound in chains, but manages to break them and attack the soldier holding him captive. Elsewhere, in the nearby woods, Brioni reports to the fisherman Pellam, telling him that she has a message from Rugen the Leper King that his abilities are needed elsewhere. In the caves, Nimue and her companions explore by torchlight. They study ancient murals on the walls that tell the story of the Callieach. They reach the edge of a cliff, where Nimue has a vision of Merlin at war and worries about how the Sword of Power is affecting her. Kaze tells her not to worry, that the Devil's Tooth chose her for a reason. She tells her to take the sword and lead, but something seems to possess Nimue, who comments that the sword belongs at the bottom of a well and then tosses it off the cliff. Everyone is shocked and Nimue admits that she does not know why she did it. Morgana declares that she will go to find the sword, while Nimue and Kaze remain to retrace their steps and meet her back in a chamber they discovered before.

On the ship of the Red Spear, the Spear tells Pym that she's been caught by a villager's ax and orders her to stitch her up. Pym does so and learns that the Red Spear is planning to leave Beggar's Coast. This troubles her, as she wants to find Nimue on Beggar's Coast. She manages to convince the Red Spear that she should remain, hearing her rage about not being able to "find any bloody gold." She tells her that shes been robbing from the wrong people, that she should be robbing from the Red Paladins, who have become rich from all of their raids. This makes sense to the Red Spear and she orders her people to stay.

Back at the windmill, Squirrel arrives, much to Gawain's surprise and shock. He tells him he ordered Squirrel to stay at camp, but Squirrel says he's there to rescue him. He orders him to stay out of trouble. Back up top, they discover that Bergerum is still alive outside. Unfortunately, the Weeping Monk realizes this too. He takes Bergerum to torture him, ordering Gawain's surrender. Gawain is prepared to do so and when Arthur tries to stop him, he tells him that he'll kill him if he tries again. However, when Gawain steps out, Arthur shoots Bergerum dead so that Gawain won't sacrifice himself. He tells him to honor Bergerum's memory by saving lives and not wasting them.

Merlin meets with a woman, Lady Cacher, saying that he has kept his promises to her and it's time for her to keep her promise to him. She asks to host him for the night, saying she wants one last night with her family. However, he tells her they must be off. On the Viking ship, the Red Spear celebrates a successful raid and declares open season on the Red Paladins. Back in the caves, Morgana searches for the sword, but Kaze troubles over her slow progress. Nimue complains about being a fool for trusting Merlin, but Kaze says he's made fools of people before. When Nimue tells her that she's Merlin's daughter, she replies that she must take the secret to her grave. She expresses her doubts about leadership, but Kaze tells her that only fools don't doubt themselves. Meanwhile, Morgana speaks with Celia, who she thought died in the destruction of Yvoire Abbey. Celia tells her that she barely escaped the fire, and Morgana says that she had almost given up hope, but perhaps the gods are merciful.

At the windmill, the Weeping Monk and the paladins start shooting flaming arrows to burn the Fey out. Gawain declares that they will burn before the sun sets. In the caves, Kaze warns Nimue that the Callieach is waiting for them. Elsewhere, Morgana and Celia continue their conversation. Celia tells her that the Callieach saved her and that she has a message: that her destiny is much greater than she thinks. She tells Morgana that the Callieach said she would become the greatest sorceress in Brittania, not Nimue. She then reveals that she is keeping a secret: "I'm no longer among the living." She tells Celia that she only speaks to her through the Callieach, and to "seek the dead man who stands outside the Bell Tower," to be granted power greater than Nimue or even Merlin. She tells Morgana that they will meet again if she does this and a spider crawls into Morgana's mouth.

In a fire, Nimue sees a vision of Arthur burning. Gawain and Arthur prepare to make a desperate last stand, but first Arthur asks Gawain if he loves Nimue, saying he wants to know if he's fighting with a rival or a brother. Gawain tells him that Nimue is like a little sister to him. They ride out to face their fate, slaying many Red Paladins. Before they can be cut down, however, an unnatural tornado appears and consumes the fire burning the windmill. Nimue, Kaze and Morgana arrive and lead the group to safety while the smoke created by the fire and the tornado surrounds the Red Paladins and causes most of them to kill each other in panic. Elsewhere, the fisherman Pellam walks through the remains of bloody slaughter. On the Red Spear's ship, Pym is shocked about being sent out to fight, but Dof gives her his charm, "Sigurd," telling her it will protect her. Merlin visits with Cumber the Ice King, who comments that he must be advancing in the world to gain audience with Merlin. The two strike a deal to oust Uther from his throne. Meanwhile, Pellam spies on Merlin.


Nimue's Inspirational Speech ft. Katherine Langford Cursed Netflix India

The Red Spears take down a group of paladins. Back at Nemos, there are many happy reunions as Nimue's party returns. Gawain tells Nimue that the Fey's morale is low and they only have her now. In response, Nimue climbs to a ledge, where she declares that like them, the Red Paladins took everything from her. Everything, she says, except for one thing: the Sword of Kings. She tells him that she will be their shield and sword, that although it has been called the Sword of the First Kings, but she claims as the Sword of the First Queen. "The Fey Queen!" shouts Gawain and the group takes up the chant. Squirrel shouts it loudly, rousing the passions of the group, but in the shadows, Morgana chants the phrase monotonously, as the spider scuttles across her right eye.



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