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Festa and Moreii is the sixth episode of the first season of Cursed. It is the sixth episode of the series overall.


In the ruins of a castle, Nimue and Merlin finally meet face to face, and more secrets from the past come screaming to the surface.


Led by the Weeping Monk, the Red Paladins burn the fields where the Fey farm, determined to smoke them out. Nimue gets into an argument with Gawain about going to see Merlin. Gawain speaks of the fields being burned and another argument erupts about who ride out with Nimue to guard her on her journey to see Merlin. Eventually it is settled when Nimue decides on Kaze riding out with her to protect her. Nimue then goes out and talks with Morgana, who ends up deciding to join her as well, despite Nimue's protestations. At King Uther's, Uther asks if Merlin is enjoying his head still being on his body. The two chat, Uther saying that Merlin has given him hope that he has rediscovered his loyalty to the crown. With that, Merlin leaves for his meeting.

Back at Nemos, Arthur uses his sword to settle an argument over food, warning a rogue Fey that living in close quarters means minding the line. His actions attract the attention of a young man named Mogwan, who starts following him around as a sort of idol. He then gets into an argument with Gawain, who calls him a thief and tries to blame him for Nimue's leaving. However, the two end up being part of a party to investigate the raids on the Fey food supply and Mogwan is allowed to come along as well. Meanwhile, Nimue and her party arrive at the ruins of an old castle where Nimue is to meet with Merlin. Seeing her, Merlin comments that it's like looking at Lenore herself. Nimue starts questioning him about his relationship with her mother, but he tries to get the sword from her, telling her that the danger to her life increases with every moment that she keeps it.

He tells her of Festa and Moreii, two warriors of rival clans whose spirits are imprisoned in the ruins of the castle. She tells him that if he wants the sword, he must tell her of his past with her mother. He tells her that Festa and Moreii can help them to see the past. Back at Nemos, Squirrel talks with Gawain, who does not seem to recognize him. He asks to join him, but Gawain is not impressed and tells him to go back to the children's room. Later, Squirrel talks with Iris, who has sneaked into the Fey camp. The two have a barbed conversation about Squirrel's bow, which Iris wants to learn how to use. They both speak with acid tongues, but he eventually agrees to let her join him. Back at the castle ruins, Merlin provides Nimue with a necklace of beads, telling her that it will bring her visions.

Nimue is sent back to the past, where she sees a badly wounded Merlin collapse in her village. He is discovered by Lenore, who tells her to leave him to the gods. She tells him that he may die outside, but not in the house of the Hidden. She discovers a large, strange wound on his chest and says there is an object inside of him. He begs her to leave him be, trying to push her away. She treats him anyway, opening the bloody wound, and pulling from him a flaming object, the Sword of Power. Nimue watches, shocked. The vision changes, and now Lenore and Merlin are walking and talking. They discuss his past, and how he has advised kings and been involved in wars, which seem to land hardest on the Fey. He tells her that he has defended their people many times. He continues that she put herself at risk by hiding him, but she calls it a risk worth taking. Back in the present, Nimue expresses surprise at her mother hiding a fugitive, saying that had she known, she could have shared so much more of herself with her mother than she did. She notes that Merlin has invited her there and not even offered her supper.

On the road, Arthur and Mogwan chat and bond. Mogwan asks Gawain to tell him of a battle that stayed with him. He speaks of how he and his best friend formed the Fey Guard, but his friend was captured by Father Carden. Carden called out to him, telling him to surrender, though he didn't know how Carden knew that there were two of him. Carden tortured his friend to try to get him to reveal himself, but he would not, knowing that if he did so, then there would only be two dead Fey. He tells Mogwan that a water-snake has more soul than a human and to kill as many as he can if he gets the chance. They ride out, and back at Nemos, Squirrel tutors Iris on archery. They talk about family. She tells him that she didn't like her own, but he liked his and if she liked her family, she wouldn't have slept until the blood of their killers ran into every river. He leaves, saying that she should keep practicing.

Back at the castle, Merlin and Nimue arrive at an empty tree. He discusses her connection to the Hidden, suggesting she use her magic to awaken the tree. He tells her that she should not fear her magic and when she seems reluctant, tells her that her mother could have been a Shadow Lord and not a lowly peasant. Nimue gets angry, telling him not to speak ill of her mother, and vines appear. He tells her to form an intention and surrender it to the Hidden. She does so, and apples appear on the tree. He warns her that the sword will change her. She says she's certain with the sword, every thrust will find blood. He tells her that even with the sword, the enemies will eventually find her. She asks how she can trust him with the sword, but he won't reveal the specifics. She tells him she won't share the sword. He takes her back into the past, and the time he spent romancing her mother. She begs him not to show it, but he does anyway. In the vision, Lenore reveals that she is betrothed to Jonah, but she does not love him. She also learns that Merlin became angry with Lenore after discovering that she stole the sword from him. She tells him that it's a cursed object, and that she has destroyed it. Hearing this, he calls her a "hateful thing" and leaves. He later tries to reconcile with her, but she tells him he never wants to see his face again.

The vision ends, but while Merlin is sleeping, Nimue calls to Festa and Moreii, telling them to show her what he doesn't want her to see. She witnesses a blood-soaked battlefield and Merlin in the midst, using the sword to behead a man. She points the sword at Merlin, calling him a murderer and saying that he killed innocents. He tells her that he's lived many lives, some with terrible mistakes. He asks how many have died by her hands. He warns her that revenge will take ownership of her like it did of him. He tells her his true intention is to destroy the sword. She asks what of her people, but he says that Lenore didn't tell her to save her race. He says she has his word that he'll protect the Fey, but outside, a contingent of Pendragon soldiers approaches. Merlin swears that he didn't summon them, but Nimue replies that he's not a better man. She recites Lenore's words, "Let this be the last time I see your face," and takes her leave with Kaze and Morgana. Merlin meets with the soldiers, telling them they've screwed everything up.

Gawain's party arrives at the edge of a forest near a windmill. Gawain orders that they dismount and continue on foot. Arthur and Gawain argue over Gawain's lack of trust in him. Gawain then tells Mogwan that he can either come to the windmill with them or stay and fetch water with Arthur. Mogwan chooses to stay with Arthur. Mogwan tells Arthur that he would like to be his squire. Arthur laughs at this, but Mogwan says that he wants to learn how to fight. He pulls out his sword, saying he's ready for his first lesson. "Very well, Squire," agrees Arthur, but just then, Mogwan is shot in the neck with an arrow and he falls to the ground, gasping and dying. Nearby, the Weeping Monk nocks another arrow and then sends it shooting towards Arthur.




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