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"Together we shall accomplish great miracles, my sweet summer child, except for the fact that we all got cancelled." ― The Pope to Sister Iris[source]

Sister Iris is a character on Netflix's Cursed who serves as an antagonist to Nimue in the later half of the season. She is portrayed by Emily Coates.[1]


She has dark hair, dark eyes and is little bit taller than Squirrel.

At the beginning of the show she is shown dressed like all the nuns in the convent, after burning it down she wore dark brown pants and shoes, a light brown tunic and a brown cape with her hair open.

After joining the Trinity Guards she wears their trademark gold mask and black robe. She also gained a Lichtenberg figure on the left side on her face, from being struck by one of Merlins lightnings, as well as a strand of her hair turning white.


"I have a way of spying demons. Do you know how?"
"No, how?"
"I just stare at them. I stare at them until I see through their faces to their real faces." ― Iris and Nimue[source]

Iris is young zealous Catholic girl who deeply believes in the cause of the Red Paladins. She believes the Fey to not be human and shows no qualms over killing Fey kind to reach her goal of becoming a Red Paladin, which she sees as the ultimate way to serve God. After the leader of the convent is found out for protecting Nimue, a Fey enemy, Iris decides to burn down the convent, killing the people she grew up with. When she is laughed at for wanting to join the paladins, she asks what she can do to earn her place among them and they tell her to bring them the head of Nimue. She then spends the rest of the season attempting to kill her.

The Pope dressing Iris in the garb of the Trinity Guards

A hidden enemy, she slips in among the Fey. She works on learning archery and several times attempts to kill Nimue in secret, only to be thwarted when other people on the scene. She eventually tracks Nimue as she is fleeing with Merlin and Morgana. Nimue shouts at her to stop, but she fires two arrows into her, causing her to collapse. She then falls over the edge of a cliff and although Merlin tries to pull her to safety, she is unable to hang on and plummets to the waters below. Iris then nocks another arrow, but Merlin claims the Sword of Power, and seeing the lightning gathering in his eyes, Iris flees. Merlin then slays many approaching Red Paladins with the sword before unleashing a storm of lightning which claims many more. She, however, escapes, and later at a ceremony, the Pope declares her a new warrior of God, Sister Iris. He tells her that they shall accomplish great miracles together.



Squirrel teaches her how to use a bow and arrow, even though she is rude to him. She makes him uncomfortable momentarily and he makes up an excuse to leave.


Iris sees Nimue as her enemy due to a Red Paladin telling her she could join if she brought them the head of the Wolf-Blood Witch (Nimue)


Morgana and Iris lived at the same convent. Morgana worries for Iris because of how deeply religious she is.


Celia feels sympathetic toward Iris and thinks she just needs some guidance. Celia is one of the people that died in the fire that Iris sets to the convent.

Pope Abel

Iris is made part of the Trinity Guards by Pope Abel.


In the Cursed novel, the Red Paladins are not an exclusively male organization. Not only is Iris a member of the Red Paladins, she is even granted a special position by Father Carden, that of "First Fire."



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