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Lady Lunete was the queen mother of the Pendragon kingdom and the adoptive mother of King Uther.

On Netflix's Cursed, Lady Lunete is portrayed by Polly Walker.


She is upset that she was not able to rule the kingdom after her husband died. As such, she attempts to rule from the shadows by directing King Uther's plans and strategies.



She doesn't trust Merlin.

King Uther[]

She is overbearing with Uther and she once killed his food taster because she tried to poison him. This led to Uther imprisoning her in a tower in the Pendragon castle. When Uther learns that Lunete killed his 19 year old biological mother, he poisons her the same way that Lunete killed her.

Father Carden[]

Memorable Quotes[]

  • "A Merlin rotting is a Merlin plotting." - Lady Lunete to King Uther, "The Joining"