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"I will be your shield. And, blood of Zeus, I will be your sword. And I vow on this day that the Feyan will live free again!" ― Nimueh to the Feyan people[source]

Nimue is the protagonist of Cursed Image. She is a Feyan with the power to control plant life around her. This power has made others fear her and call her a witch. She is the daughter of the Priestess Lenore, who before dying gives her the task of delivering the Sword of Power to the wizard Merlinus, her father.


Nimue, pronounced "Nim-Way,"[2] is described as a "teenage heroin with a mysterious gift who is destined to become the powerful (and tragic) Lady of the Lake."

Her mother Lenore says that none of the Skyward Folk have ever been as powerful as her. [3] Lenore was the High Priestess Sadine of the Skyward Folk and she took on Nimueh as her apprentice, teaching her how to be a leader.


Nimue has long, dark hair and blue eyes. She has three long scars down her back from when she was attacked by a demon when she was a child. She is sensitive about these scars because they mark her as a freak and the other Fey in her village ostracize her for them. They say that she has been marked by the Dark Gods and call her a "witch," "demon," and a "hag," among other names. Some even cover one eye with their hand when she is near.


She is thrust into a war for survival and supremacy, facing off against various factions which wish to get their hands on the sword that her mother entrusted her with, the Sword of Power. [2]


Nimue struggles with the prejudice of her fellow villagers, who fear her strong powers, even though they somehow kinda forgot they hated Nimueh later on. She wishes to flee her village, but her mother Lenore tells her to never be ashamed of who she is. She tries to reject the power of the Hidden and her role as Summoner, feeling that her people will never accept her. She visits a port, trying to board a vessel called the Brass Shield to escape, but is told that it has already departed and won't be back for months. She visits a village and meets an enchanting man named Arthur, a mercenary, but also reveals her powers to the Red Paladins, who are hunting people of her kind. In the evening, Arthur teaches her swordplay. She returns with her friend, Pym, to her village, where they discover that a full-on attack by the Red Paladins is in progress. Nimue is captured and brought before their leader, Father Carden, but manages to escape when the paladin holding her is shot down by an arrow. She then flees into a cave, where she discovers that her mother Lenore is badly wounded and dying. Before she does, however, she charges Nimueh to bring an important sword, the Sword of Power, to Merlinus the magician. Nimueh then flees into the woods on horseback, where is set upon by wolves and uses the sword to slaughter them all in a bloody rage.


Recalling having fought a bear in her past when her mother told her to "call out to the Hidden," Nimue does the same to fend off an attacking Red Paladin, binding him with vines. She arrives at a village and steals a cloak, trying to blend in. Claiming to have a bad toothache, she secures passage on cart through a checkpoint. The man pulls out her tooth as part of the act and they continue into town. There, Nimue learns that a bounty has been placed on her. In the town, she finds Arthur, and tells him of all that happened. Just then, a man, Bots, appears and tries to get payback from her after their previous encounter. He tries to take the Sword of Power, but she manages to fend him off and cut off his hand. She and Arthur then flee on horseback. Arthur shouts at her for her rash actions, but the two then seem to make up. That evening, Arthur considers the sword, telling her that it could give her power, and it would be a pity for her to give it to a stranger. Nimue is dead-set on taking the sword to Merlin, but that evening, Arthur takes Nimue to an abbey in her sleep and steals away the sword from her before fleeing.


Nimue awakes in the convent and is surprised to see a girl, Sister Ylisse, standing before her. The girl demands to know who she is, but Nimue is more worried about her sword being missing, along with Arthur. She then meets another sister, Irene , who tells her to talk to no one unless she says so. Nimue demands to know where her sword is and she tells her that she doesn't know, that Arthur probably took it. Nimue tries to go out, but Igraine stops her. The Red Paladins arrive and place the abbey on lockdown. Although Nimue wants to slip out to look for Arthur, she is forced to pose as one of the abbey sisters and attend to a dying paladin, the same one who she attacked with vines before. Igraine warns her that the paladins will kill them if he dies. Nimue suggests certain remedies, which Igraine recognizes as being Fey remedies, but when Nimue asks how she has knowledge of this, she replies only that they could burn for using them. Nimue tells her that it's that, or they die because of the paladin dying. The two manage to save the paladin, but Father Carden becomes suspicious that Nimue is hiding among the ranks and orders an assembly of all the sisters. Nimue is not present at the assembly and the abbess, Nora, claims there is nobody else, but Iris speaks of Nimue's arrival. Before they can be found, Igraine takes Nimue to an underground passage with a stream. She tells Nimue where Arthur went and gives her directions to follow, to Gramaire. She then reveals that her real name is Morgana.

The Red Lake


Katherine Langford Breaks Down the Red Lake Scene from Cursed Shot by Shot Netflix

Morgana is brought before Father Carden and lies about Nimue, saying that she ran and turned the woods against her. Carden tells the sisters of the abbey that their mistake was showing mercy Meanwhile, Nimue takes rest at the edge of a lake. She hearsfootsteps and is wary, but it turns out her company is friendly. "Born in the dawn..." he states and Nimue completes the phrase, " pass in the twllight," a trust phrase between members of the Fey. The man guides her into a wagon, telling her to hurry as she's not his only stop. He introduces himself as Dizier and also introduces her to his wife, Cloth idle. Although he wishes to lead her to safety, she is insistent on pursuing Arthur to get back the sword. The caravan is confronted by a party led by the Weeping Monk, but they manage to slip through. Clotilde thinks Nimue very brave to head towards danger instead of away from it.

Dizier eventually drops Nimue off, telling her that it's as far as he can go. She then slips into Gramaire, where she soon finds Arthur, who declares "Thank the gods you're safe!" She, however, calls him a "lying bastard" and demands to know where her sword is. He tells her that the paladins have it, saying that she knew what he was. He suggests they be done with each other, saying he's sorry, but she tells him he will be sorry if he keeps walking away. She forces him to travel with her to track the paladins. He asks if the sword is really worth her life, and she tells him that it is. They encounter the caravan that Nimue traveled with before and Nimue is shocked to find the folks that she just recently met dead. With the caravan, however, the sword, hidden underneath a red cloth. She claims it, then finds two Red Paladins bathing in a lake and kills them. Many more arrive and she kills paladin after paladin before nearly being drowned by one until she is saved by Arthur. She runs off, telling Arthur to leave her alone, but he tells her that they both have paladin blood on their hands. They continue together with a lone girl from the caravan who managed to escape and following signs in the woods reach a secret Fey hideaway.

The Joining

Nimue awakes at the Fey Camp, where Arthur tells her that she's relieved she woke up, as they don't like him there, being "Man Breath." She enjoys a reunion with Morgana, who tells her that she's not alone and that she's reached Finding Nemos. The two take a walk in the woods and discuss Merlin and Nimue's "little-girl crush" on Arthur. She tells Nimue to claim her fate and that there's no turning back. She later rewrites a letter that Nimue wrote to Merlin, changing it to include phrases such as "Refuse me, and I will water all the fields of your kingdom with paladin blood." At Morgana's behest, Nimue visits a woman named Yeves whom she says is their best chance of finding Merlin. Yeva comments that Nimue does not "smell like Sky Folk." She tells her that her father was right to fear her blood, hinting at her true heritage. Despite her reservations, she agrees to send Nimue's message. Later, Arthur surprises her in the evening by taking her to a hot springs. The two get naked together and he tells her that she doesn't have to hide her scars, that everyone has them. They start to share a tender moment, but he tells her that he can't stay.

Later in the evening, Nimue meets a woman named Cora and learns the identity of a man in a painting she's been wondering about, the Green Knight, a great protector of the Fey people. Cora invites Nimue to join a ceremony called "the Joining." Before the ceremony, Nimue speaks with Arthur, who tells her that he'll never be a knight like his father hoped, but he might someday find honor and justice. She asks if he's really searching, or just running away. He tells her that he doesn't know anymore, but he's going to ride away through the night. The ceremony begins and they enjoy some fun dancing together. They then share a passionate series of kisses, and he suggests that perhaps it's her justice that he is to serve. She tells him that his honor was never lost and that if he wants to stay, he should. There is then a commotion in the camp, as the Green Knight has arrived. Before he does, however, Nimue greets Squirrel, surprised and pleased that he is stil alive. It then turns out the Green Knight is Gawain, a very old friend of Nimue's her family knew when she was still just a little girl. The two share a wondrous reunion and Nimue introduces him to Arthur, though the two seem wary of each other. Nimue leaves with Gawain to catch up, telling him about the situation with the Sword of Power. He tells her that it is the sword of their people, their history and hope. He is displeased wit the idea of giving it to Merlin the Magician, who turned against his own kind. He says that he loved Lenore like his mother, but it is wrong to turn it over to him. Before they can argue about it further, they hear a sobbing outside. It's Morgana, and the abbey where she lived, Yvoire Abbey, was burned to the ground by the Red Paladins, with no survivors. Yeva arrives, telling Nimue that "the traitor" has given his answer. She takes Nimue to her cave, where she uses magic to bring Nimue into long distance communication with Merlin. He tells her that she's playing a dangerous game, but she tells him that it's no game. He is surprised to learn that she is the daughter of Lenore. She tells him that she's been asking herself why her mother asked her to bring the sword to him. He asks what her answer is. "Because... you're my father," she replies. The two gasp, and the connection is broken.

Festa and Moreii

Nimue talks with Gawain, again reinforcing that she will deliver the sword to Merlin, despite Gawain's objections. He finally gives in, only for there to be an argument about who is to escort her between him and Arthur. Nimue finally settles it by choosing Kaze as her escort. Morgana also insists on joining the party. The three ride on horseback to the chosen meeting place. There, Nimue tells the two that while she plans to hand Merlin the sword, the decision is not set in stone and he must promise that the Fey will be protected. The meeting takes place in the ruins of an old castle where, seeing Nimue, Merlin tells her that it's like looking at Lenore herself.

The conversation does not get off to a good foot, with Nimue noting that everyone told her not to come and saying that she's managed a lifetime without his protection. She then hears voices, which Merlin explains are Festa and Moreii, two spirits of rival clans. She insists she tell him the truth about his past with her mother, but he tells her that words are insufficient. Festa and Moreii, however, can allow her to see the past with her own eyes. The two sit together, and Nimue is taken back into the past, where she witnesses the history of her mother Lenore and Merlin. She sees how Merlin came to her, in pain, and she discovered a strange wound on his chest. She told him it was the source of his poison and she had to remove it, but he told her she must not. She did so anyway and pulled from out of his chest a blazing blade, the Sword of Power. Time passes and Nimue witnesses more of Lenore and Merlin's life together. Nimue is surprised to learn that her "tidy mother" harbored someone who was a fugitive, saying she could have trust her to let her know so much more than she did. He tells her that he can help to awaken more of her magical power, saying she could be a formidable sorceress if she gets over her fear of her power.

Merlin pushes Nimue into getting angry, in order to show her how powerful she can be when she wants to. He tells her to create an intention and then surrender it to the Hidden. Using her power, she causes fruit to grow on a bare tree. He warns her that if she continues to wield the Sword of Power, her depedency on it will grow. She calls the warning "convenient," but he tells her that it's true all the same. He shows her more of the past, and how he became angry at her mother, raging about how he lost his magic because she stole the Sword of Power from him. She told him that she would never return it to him or any other man and that she had destroyed it. Nimue then sees another flashback, of the crazed battle fervor he possessed while using the sword, and how he had killed mothers and innocents. She tells him she wishes she wasn't his daughter. He tells her she has his word he will do everything he can to protect the Fey, but when Pendragon forces arrive, she decides he has betrayed her. He swears he hasn't, but she tells him she doesn't want to see his face again and leaves with the sword.

Bring Us In Good Ale

Nimue and Morgana travel through Brother Blood, which Morgana describes as a Roman battleground cursed by the Cailleach. They discuss the curse and reunite with Kaze, who tells her that they have less than an hour before Pendragon's soldiers reach them. Despite this, she wishes to turn back, as she is wary of the cursed land. Even so, they continue forward. They take refuge in a cave, releasing their horses, hoping the soldiers will follow the hosres instead. Inside the cave, they examine strange murals and hear a distant snarling. They come to find themselves at the edge of a vast cliff. There, Nimue recalls Merlin's words, but Kaze tells her to not worry about her nature, that the Devil's Tooth chose her for a reason. She tells her to hold the sword and lead, but Nimue shouts that it belogns at the bottom of a well. She tosses it away and Kaze asks just what she has done. She says she was seized by the impulse and doesn't know why. Morgana decides to go retrieve it, telling Nimue that everything will be alright.

Morgana goes to retrieve the sword, while Nimue reassures a worried Kaze that she will return. The two discuss Merlin, Kaze telling her that she must keep the secret of Merlin's parentage of her to her grave. She tells Nimue that it is okay to doubt herself, that those who don't are only pretending to lead. Morgana eventually returns with the sword, but not before encountering the ghost of Celia, who tells her that she should keep the sword for herself. Nimue then tells both Morgana and Kaze that they are not going home yet, having seen a vision of Arthur and Gawain in danger. The group then rescues Arthur, Gawain and their party from a fiery siege at a windmill.

They return to Nemos, where Gawain tells Nimue that her people are losing hope and he has nothing to offer them. He tells her that they only have him. Nimue then ascends to a perch and everyone quickly takes notice. She addresses the group, telling them that like them, the Red Paladins took everything from her. Her mother, friends and her home. They took everything but the Sword of Power. She displays it to the group, calling it the sword of their people, forged in the Fey-fires when the world was young. Kings fought wars to possess it and the church sought to destroy it because it contains the powers of their ancestors. She calls it their light in the darkness and hope in despair. She declares that she will both their shield and sword, claiming the sword as the Sword of the First Queen. "The Fey Queen!" shouts Gawain and the group takes up the chant, giving a rousing cheer as Nimue raises the sword high. As they again shout "Fey Queen!", Morgana chants the phrases to herself quietly as a spider scuttles across one of her eyes.

The Fey Queen

Nimue, in her new capacity as the Fey Queen, meets with a woman that Arthur has brought to the camp named Druna. Druna turns out to be a smuggler with an offer of three ships arriving in six days that she can use to move their people. Gawain is weary of the plan, noting that there are other Fey still in hiding. Nimue, however, gives serious consideration to the idea, as she had promised that she would protect her people. She is quickly faced with another problem, however, that Red Paladin forces are on the move and will quickly smoke them out. She therefore makes a bold move, to capture the city of Gramaire. The group descends on upon the city and in a daring coup occupies the ramparts while the paladins are distracted by Nimue. Overwhelmed by the superior skill of Faun archers, the paladins are forced to flee the city. Nimue is left drained from her use of magic and the Sword of Power.

Nimue recovers, and awakes to the sight of Pym, whom she is thrilled to learn survived the attack on their village. She tries to help a friend of Pym's named Dof, but is still weak and can only watch as he passes away. Despite this, a man named Shiguld thanks Nimue for giving them their freedom, telling her she's earned the thanks of the Red Spear. Afterwards, Nimue presents herself to Lord Hector and claims his throne. Annoyed, he tells her to enjoy her brief reign. She then holds a council, where she learns that a convoy of refugees has gone missing. She tells Gawain to form a search party, which Squirrel joins as well. She then is left alone with Arthur and she comments that they are alone at last. She tells him that his uncle has a way of getting under the skin. As she struggles to stand, he worries that the Sword of Power is making her sick. He tells her that he must ride to Rue Gorge to secure the ships. The two argue over rank and the effect that the sword is having on Nimue until he finally gets mad and stalks out of the room, saying that there's no point in talking with her because she'll just do as she likes. Later, she sits with the sword, hearing a faint screaming. Arthur returns, telling her that the scouts aren't back and they need to make sure that they don't miss their window with the ships. She asks if he thinks that the Red Paladins have ghosts and their spirits live on. He tells her he supposes it could be true, if any of the rests of them do, asking why. She tells him she hears them in the sword, their screams, and what frightens her is she doesn't mind them. The two get into an argument again and Nimue is forced to admit that she isn't feeling quite herself. Then a guard shouts for her. There are armies arriving, and movement in the tree line. In the distance, a large contingent of Red Paladins approaches.


Nimue takes a report from a man who tells her that it's only a few days until they starve, as there are just too many mouths to feed. The situation has become a siege. Lord Ector states that their best course of action is a conditional surrender and warns Nimue that the Gramarians are becoming restless as well and she may end up with a war on two fronts. She warns him that anyone encouraging a rebellion will sleep in the dungeons. She discusses the situation with Arthur, who tells him that the situation isn't yet too serious, with only a few fights between the Fey and the townsfolk, but he's worried about the food supplies. Later, she walks with Morgana, who tells her that having taken Gramaire, they should proceed to Hawksbridge. Nimue wonders how they could possibly do this when they are surrounded by two armies. Morgana tells her that she fears the scraps of power the Hidden are throwing to her and should be feasting on them. She tells her that fleeing isn't a strategy and they must stand and fight.

With Arthur, Morgana and Pym, Nimue takes an audience with Merlin, revealing him to be her father. Pym cracks up giggling, until she realizes that Nimue is serious. Nimue tells Merlin that he is without shaame to come after what he did. He asks why he would share his memories with her if he really meant to betray her. He tells her that their fates are intertwined and they must work together. He tells her that he has bargained for her life with Cucumber the Ice King. He gave him a gift which weakens Uther's claim to the throne, but she must present herself to Cumber in exchange for safety. She asks him what will happen to the Fey, but he offers no promises. Arthur tells her that if she gives the sword to Cumber, she becomes his bargaining chip. She rejects Merlin's offer, saying they must resume their search efforts for the missing party, but invites him to stay the night as a guest.

Back on her throne, Nimue gives an audience to a man named Barley, who comes with terms from King Uther Pendragon for her surrender. Morgana immediately replies that there will be no surrender, but Nimue asks him to speak. The terms essentially amount to unconditional surrender and Nimue being tried for crimes, as well as relinqusihing the Sword of Power and being imprisoned for life. In response, Nimue tells Borley of Cumber's offer. She tells him that Uther wants the sword, he must prove himself a king to men and Fey alike and then tells him to go. He starts to leave, but then approaches, asking her if she would surrender herself and her sword if Uther offered protection for the Fey. Nimue agrees that this is so.

Nimue receives disturbing news from Arthur: that a Tusk and his friends beat a miller to death for having a painted red cross on his door. The thing is, they all painted these on their doors to protect their families from the Red Paladins. Nimue has the Tusk who led the charge in the affair, Bu'luf, brought before her. She tells him that she made it clear when they took the city that no humankind were to be harmed. She continues that she defied him and when he snickers at this, she uses the Sword of Power to slice off his hands, warning him that she'll have his head if she defies him again. Hearing the whispering again, she shouts at him to go. She then orders his hands to be hung from the gates as a warning to anyone else who might try to attack a human. She then goes to Merlin, asking if what she's feeling now was what it felt like for him. She tells him about King Uther's messenger, but says that she fears to give up the sword. He tells her that she can't save her people and that the Age of Men is upon them. He tells her that any fool can die, but it takes imagination to live, begging her to reconsider Cumber the Ice King's offer.

That evening, Nimue is sitting alone on her throne when Arthur pays her a visit. She tells him that she received a letter, that King Uther has offered ships to the Fey, in return for her surrender. He begs her not to do it, but she tells him there is no other way. She's already sent her answer and accepted. He tells her that he won't leave her, but she tells him that he has to and she trusts him. She says her people will be safe and will live. He sobs and she hugs him. The two kiss passionately, and then retire to a bedroom, where they have sex.

The Sacrifice

Nimue awakes and smiles upon seeing Arthur. He asks if she's alright and she tells him that it was different to what she thought. He asks if it was a "good different," and she tells him it was "lovely." He agrees that it was "amazing." She asks if she snores and he agrees "like a Germanic horn." At this, she tells him that he makes whimpering puppy noises when he sleeps The chat and cuddlling continue for a while, until finally they get down to business. Arthur tells Nimue that the Fey don't trust him, that they follow Gawain. There is shouting and, outside, they discover a man burnt to death by Wroth. Cora tells Nimue that the Fauns demand justice. Wroth is threatening to kill any Fey that agree to the Pendragon offer. Arthur says that he'll go see Wroth, but Nimue tells him that this is her fault and she should go. He tells her he can't risk anything happening to her.

Nimue meets with Merlin, who asks if he cannot sway her from what she is planning to do. He tells her that Uther has longed for his blood and offers himself as a sacrifice. Nimue tells him that he's mad and that she forbids it, but he says he's the only member of the court who stands a chaance of getting a meeting with him and divining his intentions. He tells her that he'll warn her if he senses betrayal is afoot. She replies that she doesn't want anyone to be hurt becuase of her, but he tells her she's made them all brave. Afterwards, Nimue meets with Morgana, who has just had an encounter with the Widow. Morgana tells her that she's leaving, that she doesn't belong there. Nimue has trouble countenancing this, but Morgana tells her that she's not one of them. Nimue tells her that they need her, but she says that she has to find another way. Nimue asks if she still wants to fight for the Fey and she agrees that she does. Nimue tells her to come with her and guides her to a secret tunnel. She hands her the Sword of Power and tells her to escape down the tunnel with it. She then talks with Arthur, who tells her that he's worked things out with Wroth and the Tusks. The two talk about old times and share a passionate moment of kissing.

Nimue shares a hug with Pym, who is upset about losing her after having just recently found her again. She asks why it has to be her, sobbing. Nimue then shares a final kiss with Arthur before he rides away. Later, in a quiet room, Nimue hears her door creaking. She asks "Hello?" but when nobody responds, she goes to investigate. Unknowingly, she is being stalked by Iris, but Iris's secretive attempt to approach her from behind and kill her is thwarted by the arrival of a man named Sir Sluban, who presents her with a message "Pendragon ships are here. Boarding now. The king has kept his word. All my love, Arthur." She rides out to meet with King Uther. The Red Paladins all shout at her, calling her "devil" and "witch," but she is granted safe passage into Uther's tent. He asks her why she does not have the sword, asking if she thinks she's clever. Father Carden tells him that she mocks his kindness and that he shouldn't waste another breath on her, that he and his people can draw the location out of her. He tells her that she presumes wrong to think them merciful. She trades words with Father Carden, telling him things won't be so easy for him. She then tells Uther she will have his sword, only when Gawain and Squirrel are returned to her alive. She tells him that he will never see the Sword of Power if her people are not returned. She tells Carden she can torture her, skin her to her bones and she will never tell him. He tells her that she has nerve to make further demands after they've dealt with her fairly. She replies that she has her life, but her sword comes at a cost. He declares that she be taken away and kept under guard while they consider her demands.

Fearing Uther's decision, Father Carden decides to break away from him. Gawain is returned to Nimue, but it is only his corpse, with the mesasge "Here's the bag of shit you ordered." She calls his name several times, then realizing he is irrevocably dead, she breaks down sobbing. "Not you. Not you!" Enraged beyond words, she hears the whispers of the Hidden and unleashes a blast of extreme magical energy, sending tremors throughout the camp, lighting fires and knocking soldiers down throughout before collapsing from exhaustion. Two Red Paladins find her and drag her away. She uses magic to cover Gawain's body in plants, as she struggles against the paladins. She is brought before Father Carden, who orders them to hold her. He tells her that they delay God's justice no longer and that sword or no sword, they send her back to Hell. He raises his own sword to finish her off, but then in a puff of smoke, the Widow appears before Nimue and hands her the Sword of Power. He asks what the Widow is and she lifts her hood to reveal... Morgana. "I'm the Widow," she replies, before vanishing, and Nimue uses the Sword of Power to sever Father Carden's hands and head. She flees the chaos of the battle and meets with Morgana, asking what has happened to her. She tells her that she killed the Widow and then became her. Now she can feel who's about to die. She tells her that it's Merlin.

Nimue in the water

Nimue and Morgana find a badly wounded Merlin. They take him and flee the camp, despite his protestations that he should be left to die. They reach a bridge, where Merlin collapses, begging them to leave him, saying that he can't go any further. Nimue tells him to rest and asks Morgana to watch over him, saying she's going back for Squirrel. The group, however, is then confronted by Iris, who shoots two arrows into Nimue, one into her shoulder and one into her chest. She falls and is left clutching the edge of the bridge. Merlin grabs her hand, but is unable to hold on and she falls into the water below. Iris flees, and Merlin grabs the Sword of Power and uses it to slay several members of an approaching party of Red Paladins, before conjuring a powerful lightning storm to kill even more. As Iris is made a member of the Trinity Guards, Nimue gasps for breath in the water below.


For her entire life, Nimue has felt herself an outcast and very alone and restless due to the fear that folks have of her and her people, the Fey. She considered her abilities a curse, but began to embrace her destiny as a warrior after receiving the Sword of Power. Despite this, she continues to struggle with doubts, fearing the power of the Hidden and the terrible acts that the sword seemingly drives her to. Despite this, she is very protective of her people, the Fey, and embraces her role as a leader to quell the forces that seek their destruction.



Nimue meets Arthur when he is performing and he is interested in her. When she is pursued by some sell-swords for cheating at a bet with magic, he helps her escape them. He then steals Excalibur from her and tries to enter a tournament but loses the sword. She is angry with him when she finally locates him for taking her sword, but they make up and she takes him to the Fey stronghold with her. Nimue and Arthur grow to have a romantic relationship.


Nimue and Gawain lived in the same village. They were happy to see each other after a long period of time. Though Gawain is extremely protective of Nimue. Gawain's death enrages Nimue and she uses her magic to encase him in plants.


Jonah was Lenore's husband and was presumably Nimue's father, until it had been revealed that Merlin is her father. He suspected of Nimue not being his biological daughter after the village began ostracizing her for having "demon blood."He eventually left the village when he couldn't handle Nimue anymore.


Lenore was Nimue's mother and the High Priestess of the Sky People village. They seem to have had a slightly difficult relationship, as Nimue felt that her mother would never understand her issues. When Lenore was dying, she instructed Nimue to bring Excalibur to Merlin. Lenore used what strength she had left to serve as a distraction for a paladin so Nimue can escape.


Nimue's mother instructed her to bring the Sword of Power to Merlin so they can save the Fey. He promises never to lie to her. Merlin is later revealed to be Nimue's biological father.


Arthur leaves Nimue with Morgana to keep her safe (and then steals her sword). They become friends after Nimue sees Morgana kissing Celia and doesn't make a big deal of it. Morgana is entrusted to hold Excalibur when Nimue gives herself up for the Fey.


Pym is Nimue's best friend and they grew up together.


Squirrel and Nimue are friends and she feels protective over him. They used to have fox races. When the village is burned, Nimue leaves her hiding place to try to save Squirrel from being killed. She also bargains for his and Gawain's life by offering to trade the sword for them.

Father Carden

As the leader of the Red Paladins, Carden fears her and what she represents. He designates her "the wolf-blood witch" following her slaughter of a number of wolves using the Sword of Power. He is determined to see her killed at any cost, even if it means he personally cannot possess the Sword of Power.

Powers and Abilities

Nimue calling upon her power to access the Hidden

Nimue is an incredibly talented sorceress and possesses many magical abilities. This is due to her heritage as the daughter of a Sky Folk Healer and eventual High Priestess, and a father who is perhaps the most powerful Druid of all time. Perhaps Nimue's powers also stem from the attack by the Dark God in bear form. Many think it's claw marks provided her with dark powers which are demonic in nature.

Thus Nimue could be so powerful due to both genetics and the injury left by the Bear Demon.

Her talents are initially triggered through anger, fear, self preservation, and once have even been used with the intent to deceive. They automatically emerge when Nimue is threatened or lashes out angrily. Later on with the instruction of Merlin, Nimue was able to manifest her powers through envisioning her intention.

So far Nimue has demonstrated the following abilities, yessir, we’re gonna have powers shown like this was the Avengers wiki:

Chlorokinesis: The psychic ability of controlling plants. With agrokinesis you will able to influence the plants growing process and biochemistry, and manipulate its natural growing and developing process

  • Root Control: Through mental commands Nimue can promote the growth and movement of roots for either offensive or defensive purposes. Nimue is able to generate both roots and sometimes vines that occasionally contain deadly thorns. The roots are various sizes and can range from small to quite large. They are contorted into different shapes to serve her purposes and some examples are a whip and the imitation of a cross. The roots can move extremely fast and are precise weapons. They are used to impale opponents, hold them in place and/or choke them as seen in the first episode.
  • Life Regeneration: It is possible for Nimue to restore plants to life by willing them to resurrect. Nimue's most notable example was reviving a dead and rotted apple tree, in order to produce edible fruit.

Limited Telekinesis: Telekinesis is the ability to move objects as well as individuals with the mind. It can be channeled through the eyes or hands. Nimue used this to move the loaded dice to land so she would win against Bors.

Telepathic Connection to the Hidden Ones: The Hidden Ones, or believed source of magic communicate to Nimue through whispers, which are either spoken or thought. They give her warnings and advice.


Season One

Memorable Quotes

'They took everything from us. Because magic runs through us, wow, this is like Hylians from Legend of Zelda but as an allegory for Jews.' - in The Fey Queen

'The legend says this sword belongs to the one true king. But what if the sword chooses a queen? Then you would have Artha instead of Arthur' - in the prologue of Nimue (episode)

'Some people call this the Sword of the First Knights, I yield it, The Sword of the First Queef.' - in The Fey Queen


  • Her character is based on the Lady of the Lake of Arthurian legend. There are different versions of the Lady of the Lake, and Nimue's story in Cursed draws from both versions.[2]
  • In an interview, actress Katherine Langford stated that the character for her represented courage and that her character doesn't seek power, but is given it because she is natural leader with pure intentions.[4]
  • Her horse's name is Old Boi.





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