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Nimue is the first episode of the first season of Cursed. It is the first episode of the series overall.


Scorned as a witch, a young woman with powers leaves her village to start a new life — just as a ruthless army scours the countryside for her kind.


Where to begin? With water? Or with fire?

  • Nimue forgets the offering so she has to go into the forest to collect some flowers. While she is there, she is approached by a deer and spoken to by the Hidden. Save them. Death is not the end, Fey Queen. Seek him. Death is not the end. Save them. The deer is shot by some other Fey boys and Nimue is angry with them for it. The boys taunt her for being a witch and remind her that she is cursed -- even her dad left her. This makes Nimue angry and her powers attack the boy while she has a flashback of her father leaving. Her mother, Lenore, is able to make her stop the attack and tells her that she must string Benum a new bow.
  • Under the eclipse, the Hidden choose Nimue as the new Summoner, much to the disappointment of many. Nimue doesn't want to be the Summoner and runs away.
  • Pym and Nimue head to Hawksbridge on Nimue's horse, Old Boy.
  • Nimue seeks passage overseas on a vessel called the Brass Shield, but is told that the vessel has already departed and will not be back for another six months. She is upset, but Pym is happy to have more time with her friend.
  • Nimue and Pym meet a charming rogue named Arthur. They chat at a pub and Nimue angers a man named Bors by using Fey magic to overcome a rigged game. Later, Arthur warns Nimue to be careful of using magic, lest she attract the attentions of the Red Paladins, who have been burning villages up and down the coast. He also begins teaching her something of swordplay.
  • Father Carden gives a speech as a village burns.
  • A Moon Wing enters the Sky Folk village and tells them that the Red Paladins came while they were asleep and burned their trees and killed them.
  • The Red Paladins attack Nimue's village, with a man known as the Weeping Monk at the fore. Nimue is nearly captured, but manages to get away. She discovers her mother, Lenore, badly wounded and her mother gives her a sword, the Sword of Power, bidding her to take it to Merlin.
  • King Uther Pendragon is delighted at the arrival of rain following a long drought, but is shocked to discover that it is blood-red. He shouts Merlin's name in rage.
  • Nimue flees into a forest, where she is set upon by a pack of wolves. Wielding the Sword of Power, she kills them all in a crimson haze.




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  • There is a story lost to the mists of time, of the Sword of Power and the young woman who wielded it. They called her a demon Sorceress Savior. Before Arthur the King, The Sword of Power chose a Queen. - introductory text
  • Where to begin? With water? Or with fire?
  • The Hidden: Death is not the end, Fey Queen. Seek him. Death is not the end. Save them.
  • Lenore, to Nimue: Did I raise you to suffer fools or to lead?
  • Father Carden: God is love. It is a love that purifies, sanctifies, and unites us. And today, God smiles. Do you know why? Because we've done his work today. You see, God created most of us in his image. This is his garden, and we must tend his garden. We must rake the garden and pull the weeds. The weeds are the demons, and we must expel them from his garden. Do you understand? But the demons wear many faces. They don't want to be found. Some of their faces are scary ones. Some are shy. And some... are very young. [screaming] We do his work today.



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