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"Rugen sends his regards. I'll take the Leper King's gold, but I'd have done you for free. This one's for Father." ― Pellam after shooting Merlin[source]

Pellam, also known as simply the Fisherman, is a minor character on Netflix's Cursed. A skilled hunter and tracker, he bears a grudge against the magician Merlin.

He is portrayed by Youssef Kerkour.


Bring Us In Good Ale[]

Brioni reports to tell him, saying that she has a message from Rugen the Leper King that his abilities are needed elsewhere. She tells him that the moment has come to claim the fish that he has long sought. Later, Pellam spies on Merlin when he visits with Cumber the Ice King.

The Fey Queen[]

Pellam watches as Merlin departs from Cumber's camp and prepares to make his move.


In a forest, Pellam shoots Merlin in the chest with an arrow. He taunts him, telling him that Rugen sends his regards, but says that he'd have done him for free, and implies that the two of them are brothers. He then starts covering Merlin with a fishnet, talking about his methods of fishing. He tells him that he chose a dove to lure him because he thinks he's so grand. He continues that he dipped the arrow in poison, so that every breath is the agony he deserves. Merlin, however, pulls the arrow out of his chest, wraps Pellam with the fishnet, and then uses the arrow to stab him in the chest.


Season One


  • Pellam's character is based loosely on the Fisher King or Wounded King mythology of Arthurian legend.
  • He is never referred to as "Pellam" on-screen, however, the name "Pellam" is given in the show's credits.