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Poisons is the ninth episode of the first season of Cursed. It is the ninth episode of the series overall.


Nimue weighs a fateful decision, Uther takes a defiant step, and Gawain discovers not all is what it seems within the Red Paladin camp.


Merlin rides into a forest, where he is shot in the chest by an arrow. Pellam, the shooter, walks up to him, telling him that Rugen sends his regards. He says he'll take the Leper King's gold, but would have done him for free. He tries to capture him in a fish net, but Merlin yanks the arrow from his chest and stabs it into Pellam's head, then chokes him to death. He runs away, gasps for breath, then collapses.

In Gramaire, Nimue takes a grim report, that she and her people will starve in three days if they can't escape. Lord Ector suggests a conditional surrender, something which Arthur will not countenance. He tells her that her creatures are raiding and says that they Gramarians will take their city back, but she warns that anyone fomenting a rebellion will sleep in the dungeons. She speaks with Arthur, who tells her that there has been some restlessness, but things aren't out of control yet.

King Uther Pendragon argues with Lady Lunete about the siege of Gramaire. She tells him that the Church lost Gramaire and that their soldiers can die taking it back. However, he tells her that he and his men think their people would like to see their sovereign win the town back. She tells him that it's already been decided that Father Carden and his Red Paladins will lead the siege. This angers him greatly. Outside, at the paladin camp, Father Carden meets with Abbott Wicklow, who has been sent as an observer by Pope Abel and the Trinity Guards. They have a conversation loaded with innuendo in which Wicklow warns that Carden will bear the blame for any failures. He also expresses a desire to meet the Weeping Monk.

Back in Gramaire, Nimue chats with Morgana. She tells her that she was right to take Gramaire and should take Hawksbridge next. Nimue is shocked by the idea, given that they're surrounded by two armies. She tells Nimue that she should be feasting on her power to control the Hidden. She tells her to let the Sword guide her, but Nimue is fearful of the sword's power. Elsewhere in the town, Sister Iris tries to psych herself up to kill Nimue. Merlin arrives in town and takes a meeting with Nimue, telling her that he's pleased to see her alive and well. He tells her of Cumber the Ice King's offer, but both Arthur and Morgana dislike the offer. Nimue agrees and says she will not accept, but offers to allow Merlin to stay the night.

Arthur chats with Morgana, saying that he wants to talk with her for once, that they're the only family they each have. She tells him that seeing their uncle leaves a bitter taste. She is displeased that he went to him to beg his blessing and brought him the sword. He tells her it didn't happen that way, that here was a tournament. He wanted to be something. He says that she lords it over him, how he took her and he never stopped him. He tells her he's looking for anything that can give him a shred of honor. She tells him that he is not common and cannot look to the usual things for honor. The subject turns to Nimue. She tells him that she'd prefer to see her dead fighting with the sword than turn herself over to anyone. He asks if there's anyone she trusts before leaving.

The Weeping Monk arrives at the Red Paladin camp with Gawain in tow and is introduced to Abbott Wicklow. Carden then speaks with Gawain, saying that he will sing for them. Gawain asks if Carden really wants him to, saying he knows many secrets. Carden then orders that Gawain be brought to Brother Salt. Squirrel watches from a tree. Elsewhere in the camp, Uther goes to Lady Lunete, saying that he's just had a very pleasurable conversation with Father Carden. He says that they came to agreement regarding the siege of Gramaire - that Uther's forces would lead it and they would get Nimue, while he would get the Sword. They also agreed to a return of most of the occupied territories. She is skeptical, asking if he even got any of this in writing. She rants on and on, until finally collapsing. He then reveals that he knows the truth of the circumstances of his birth. As she lays dying on the ground, he taunts her with the tale of how she killed his biological mother, Sylvia, with spiced wine. He says it's not surprising that she gave birth to a stillborn, that he imagines it would be very hard for any child to live inside of her. He pretends to sob over her body, but it turns to laughter and then he calls for Sir Borley, after she has died. He says that he'll fetch a healer, but he tells him it's too late. He then tells him that he has a message for him to deliver.

Borley then visits Nimue with terms of surrender. Nimue listens and finds them disagreeable, but leaves open that if Uther were to guarantee protection for the Fey, then she would surrender to him. Elsewhere in Gramaire, a Fey named Wroth kills a man for having a red cross on his door. At the paladin camp, Gawain is taken to Brother Salt's "kitchen." There, Salt introduces him to his instruments of torture, saying that he will meet them all. Back in Gramaire, Nimue learns from Arthur of Wroth's actions. She is shocked, as many had painted crosses on their doors in the wake of the Red Paladin's invasion of the town as a means of protection. She has Wroth brought before her, saying that when they took the town, she ordered that no humankind were to be harmed. She says it was a command from their queen. She asks what is on his hands. He replies that it is "man blood" and, hearing the voices, uses the Sword of Power to sever his hands. She warns that if he defies her again, she will have his head.

In the paladin camp, Gawain receives a visit from the Weeping Monk. Gawain reveals that he knows that the Monk is a type of Fey, an Ash Folk. The Monk asks why he didn't reveal that secret, but Gawain tells him that all Fey are brothers. He tells the Monk that he knows he doesn't really believe the paladins' lies, that he's been brainwashed. He tells the Monk that he could be the Fey's greatest asset. When the Monk tries to argue that he does in fact, belong with the Red Paladins, Gawain replies that if this is true, then he should tell them what he is. The Monk tells him that he'll pray for him. "And I for you," replies Gawain.

Nimue meets with Merlin, asking if what she feels is what it felt like for him when he wielded the Sword of Power. He agrees that it is, and she tells him that King Uther has sent a messenger. She says that she fears to give up the Sword, asking if it will end all the suffering if she does. He tells her that her life will be spared if she does. He tells her that she can't save her people, that the Age of Men is upon them. He tells her that it would be a fool for her to be a martyr to her people, that there will be none left. He continues that living takes imagination, and begs her to reconsider the Ice King's offer. Outside, Iris tries to sneak her way into the castle by offering to work as a servant for Pym, but Pym rejects her.

Back at the paladin camp, Squirrel arrives, hoping to rescue Gawain. Gawain is pleased to see him, but also saddened, as he can no longer walk due to Brother Salt's torture. He tells Squirrel that he must leave him and they share a Fey blessing, but Brother Salt arrives and captures Squirrel before he can escape. Squirrel, aggravated, shouts that he will gouge Salt's eyes out, but Salt turns to him, showing that he is blind, his eyes stitched together. "Too late."

Uther meets with Father Carden, who is shocked to learn of Uther's offer to Nimue. Uther tells Carden that he has stolen his lands. Abbott Wicklow tells Uther that they understand his needs. He makes an offer - the Sword for the death of Nimue, but Uther says that Nimue has aroused the passions of the mob and that burning her would only arouse them further. He says they will keep Nimue as their prize until the passions subside, and then consider whether or not to give her over. He says furthermore that the Fey will be given ships to fall off the face of the Earth. Father Carden leaves, calling it an outrage. Squirrel is then brought before Father Carden, who orders him to be brought before Brother Salt. When the Monk argues that he is just a boy, Carden slaps in the face, asking why he would embarrass him.

Nimue meets with Arthur, telling him that King Uther has offered ships to the Fey in return for her surrender. She tells him that she accepted his offer. He tells her that she can't, that he won't let her, but she says that he has to accept and that she trusts him. He says that he won't, but she tells him that he must, that he will be safe and will live. In the darkness of the evening, the two kiss and then retire to bed where they have sex, the scene set to the strains of "I Could Be Your King." Father Carden then takes a meeting with Eydis, who introduces herself as the first daughter of Cumber the Ice King, "the one true blood heir to House Pendragon." She tells him that he asked for their help to kill the Wolf-Blood Witch. "My father says 'yes'," she tells him.




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  • Gawain, to Squirrel: I wish I had a hundred with your courage.
  • Gawain: A knight of the Fey is one with the land, as enduring as the Great River, and as true as Arawn's bow. We are born in the dawn...
    • Squirrel: pass in the twilight.
    • Gawain: Be brave now.



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