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"You've already named her the Wolf-Blood Witch. Perhaps you should pen a ballad to her great deeds." ― Pope Abel, taunting Father Carden[source]

Pope Abel is an antagonist on Netflix's Cursed. He is the head of the Roman Catholic Church and the leader of the fearsome Trinity Guards.


As word spreads of Father Carden's campaigns and Nimue's escape, Pope Abel summons Father Carden to his tent, where he is having a bath. At first, he treats Father Carden kindly, asking if they can draw him a bath, as he hasn't used all the hot water. They chat pleasantly at first, with Carden telling Abel that he and his Red Paladins are overrun with volunteers. It soon becomes clear, however, that the conversation is intended as dressing down. Abel chastises Carden for his losses and asks if Abel is really calling a lone child, Nimue, a "resistance." Carden tells him that he will make an example out of Nimue, but the Pope warns that he had best do so, or it is him that will be made an example of. When Carden reveals that Nimue wields the Sword of Power, or Devil's Tooth, Abel replies that the Church wants the sword. He tells Carden that if he displeases again, his Trinity Guards will assume command of the Red Paladins, saying that his Trinity have many Godly virtues, but mercy is not one of them.[1]

Later, following Carden's death, and Sister Iris's seeming slaughter of Nimue, he inducts Iris into the Trinity Guards. He describes her as being a light that is blinding in its clarity and declares that together they will accomplish great miracles. He personally places the golden mask of the Trinity Guards upon her face.[2]


Father Carden[]

He values Father Carden for his service in heading the Red Paladins. Merlin, however, implies that Abel regards Carden as something of a rogue because he went and formed the paladins on his own, having been unable to buy his way into power.[3] Abel is also losing patience with Carden due to his failure to capture Nimue.[1]

Sister Iris[]

Pope Abel inducting Sister Iris

Iris is largely an unknown to Pope Abel. He only first learns of her after she seemingly kills Nimue by shooting her with arrows and causing her to fall into the water underneath a bridge. Deeply impressed, he declares her to be a light, saying that together they will do great things as he appoints her a member of the Trinity Guards.[2]


Though the two never have any direct contact, Nimue is the Pope's mortal enemy in role as the leader of the Fey, the Fey Queen. He desires her death from the moment he hears of her, as well as to claim the Sword of Power that she possesses.

Abbott Wicklow[]

Abbott Wicklow is an agent of Pope Abel and a close confidant. He sends Wicklow to monitor Father Carden's actions.[4]


Season One


In the Cursed book, Pope Abel goes even further in insulting Father Carden, calling him a "vain farmer's boy." Furthermore, he is identified specifically as being Pope Abel V. Additionally, his physical appearance is described as mostly hairless, weighing no more than a hundred pounds, with sinewy and taut flesh, a gravely voice and face scabbed with pox.