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Pym is a character on Netflix's Cursed. She is portrayed by Lily Newmark.[1]


Pym is a member of the Fey and a friend of Nimue.[2] After escaping the Sky People's village in the wake of the paladins' attack, she becomes a healer for a band of Germanics.



Pym joins Nimue in a trip to the village of Hawksbridge, where Nimue is hoping to board the vessel Brass Shield to sail away, but finds that it has already departed. Although Nimue is upset, Pym is happy to have more time with her friend. The two travel to Gramaire, where they meet a charming rogue named Arthur. The three then visit a pub, where Nimue gets on the wrong side of man named Bors, forcing them all to escape. When they return to their Fey village, they are caught up in an attack by the Red Paladins, but both manage to escape.

The Red Lake

Pym is discovered in a fishing shed by a boy named Aaron who fancies her. He takes her to his mother, who wants to turn her in to the Red Paladins as a witch, but Aaron claims that the two of them are engaged. He claims that the two of them are meant to be, but after his mother leaves, she objects, saying that they can't get married. He pleads for her to have him, calling him his "Minnow," but she just curses the gods. Later, in town. she witnesses a woman being burned on a stake as a witch by the Red Paladins.

Pym is busy cleaning fish-guts at a dock where she overhears a conversation between two Red Paladins about Nimue, or the "Wolf-Blood Witch." She meets a handsome sailor named Dof and immediately falls under his spell. She recognizes him as being a raider, though he claims to be simply a "trader." Aaron calls for her, but she ignores him until the sailor leaves, telling her to get along.

The Joining

Pym illustration

Wanting nothing more to do with Aaron, Pym sneaks onto the vessel that Dof is employed aboard. She is quickly discovered and recognized as a Fey due to her hairstyle, though she tries to claim that she is not one. The Red Spear, the captain of the vessel, orders her to be drowned, but she begs them not to. Dof intervenes, noting that the Fey are healers. Pym pleads that she isn't Fey, then catching on, says that she is. Pressed for an answer by the Red Spear, she claims that she is Fey and was the healer in her village and several surrounding villages. Dof says that they could use a healer with Thrain gone and the Red Spear agrees to it, but warns Pym that if she finds anything odd, then she'll be blamed.

Pym treats many grizzly injuries and even at one point ends up playing the role of counselor. She ends up drinking belowdecks, where Dof, calling her "Minnow," asks how it's going. She asks if he did this to her on purpose and he tells her he saved her life. He chats her up, but not sure where he's going, she asks if he's injured because she's busy. He tells her that he doesn't get injured on raids because he's protected by a charm called "Sigurd."

Bring Us In Good Ale

The Red Spear comes to Pym, telling her that she's been hit by a villager's ax and ordering her to stitch her up. While Pym does so, she rants about the lack of coin to be raided on Beggar's Coast and orders that the crew sail to Black Chain instead. Pym is disturbed by this, as she wants to try to find Nimue on Beggar's Coast, but the Red Spear doesn't care. Pym asks if the Red Spear has always been a raider and she asks if Pym thinks her a thief. She tells her that her intention is to "cut out the heart of Eydis the snake." She warns Pym not to try her, but Pym tells her that she's going about things the wrong way. She's been stealing from the twice robbed: those towns that have already been sacked by the Red Paladins. She says that if it's gold she's after, she should be striking the Paladin camps. The Red Spear stares at her, then stands, calling her a "shit healer," but then shouts to belay the order to sail to Black Chain.

The move is successful and the Red Spear's forces soon find themselves reveling in gold stolen from the Paladins. The Red Spear declares open season on the Paladins and Pym shares a cheerful drink with Dof. She is later ordered to join Dof and his team on an excursion, given an ax and told that they need a healer on-site. She tells Dof that it isn't funny and she doesn't fight. He gives her his charm, Sigurd, to protect her. She asks who will protect him and he tells her that his Minnow will sew him up. Pym is knocked down during the raid, her face getting covered in the blood of others.

The Fey Queen

Pym reunites with Nimue, the Red Spear's raids having brought her to Gramaire, which the Fey have recently captured. Nimue was badly drained in the battle to capture the city and upon seeing Pym at first believes herself to be dead and having been reunited with Pym in the afterlife. The two share a joyful hug and Pym explains that she and her fellow raiders had ended up in the Paladin dungeons. She tells Nimue that she needs her help.

She brings Nimue to Dof, hoping that she can use some of her knowledge of healing from her mother Lenore to heal him. Nimue tells her she's never healed anyone before and is weak, but promises to try. Ultimately, Nimue is unable to succeed, and Dof dies. Before he passes, she gives him back Sigurd, telling him that he'll protect him. She then tries to give Sigurd to one of his fellow raiders, but he replies that Dof would brain him from Valhalla if he took it and tells Pym to keep it.


Pym goes out with some Fauns to search for Squirrel. Later, Pym joins Arthur and Morgana in meeting Merlin. She chokes on an almond upon hearing Nimue say that Merlin is her father, then realizes that she's serious.

Later, Sister Iris finds Pym as part of her quest to try to get close to Nimue to kill her. Claiming to need work, she pleads with Pym to give her a job of any sort. She claims that her father is ill and they need the work, but Pym tells her that she really isn't looking for any help. Iris then turns nasty, saying that Pym is one of those who pass for human like Nimue, even though she isn't really human.

The Sacrifice

As Nimue prepares to leave Gramaire to turn herself over to King Uther, she and Pym share a cheerful goodbye. They say that they love each other and Pym laments losing Nimue just after she had found her again. Pym is later part of the group of Red Spear fores fighting the forces of Cumber the Ice King as the Fey try to escape on ships.



Pym and Nimue are best friends and grew up together in their village. The two are separated in the wake of the Red Paladin attack, but fate brings them back together.


Pym met Dof when she was being harassed by two Paladins. Pym had a crush on Dof and he brought her aboard his Germanic ship, where she became the healer. He gifts her a necklace of the Germanic God Sigurd which he believes protects him. She has to accompany the Germanic on a raid and is knocked out but is protected by Dof. Pym tries to give the necklace back to him when he lays dying and begs Nimue to help her save him, but he is too far gone and dies.

Red Spear

Pym worked as a healer on the Red Spear's ship. The Red Spear was prepared to kill her, but agreed to let her live as she needed a healer. She sometimes grew irritated with Pym, but saw wisdom in Pym's statement that they should remain on Beggar's Coast in order to plunder from the Red Paladins, as it was the Red Paladins who had all the riches thanks to their repeated raids. She recognized fairly quickly that Pym didn't actually have much real talent for healing, but nevertheless kept her around.


Aaron was one of the humans that she used to sell goods to at the market in Hawksbridge. When her village was burned, she hid beneath one of his spare traps in a shed in Hawksbridge. Aaron had a crush on Pym and wanted to protect her, even standing up to his mother and lying to say that they were engaged now and that Pym was as good as her own Christian daughter. He felt that God had given her to him. Pym, however, did not return his feelings and did not like that he called her his "minnow." She leaves with Dof rather than stay and live with Aaron and his mother.


  • Although the nickname is given to her by another boy who is interested in her, Aaron, Dof often calls Pym "Minnow," having overheard Aaron using the name.
  • She wears her hair very long, which is a Fey style.


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