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"There is something you must do. Take this to Merlin." ― Nimue's mother to Nimue[source]

Nimue wielding the sword

The Sword of Power is said to be cursed. Despite this, various factions seek it [1].

The sword was given to Nimue by her mother, Lenore. She commanded her to take it to Merlin, who had been in possession of it for a long time before Lenore had hidden it away [2]. Arthur described it as "the kind of sword that gets you an audience"[3]. However, others felt that the sword's curse would corrupt anyone who wielded it [2].

When the sword is unsheathed, it often makes a tinkling noise, and sometimes the ogham lettering down the middle of the blade glows. When people are cut by the sword, it causes them to be marked with four whorls on their body, as though they have been burned from the inside. These whorls represent the four elements: water, earth, air, and fire. Nimue notes that when she wields the Sword of Power she feels powerful and knows that every blow will land true -- though in her fight with the red paladin, this is not the case. While it is clear that the sword grants the wielder great power, it is clearly not invincible, and even with it one can still be overwhelmed by sheer numbers or pure power.

In trying to convince Nimue to part with the sword, Merlin warns her that it will change her, as it changed him. Use of the sword seems to cause someone to lose control of their inhibitions if they are not strong enough to resist. Merlin's intention is to burn the sword in the Fey fire to rid the world of it once and for all.[4]

Alternate names include the Sword of the First Kings, the Devil's Tooth, and the Sword of the First Queen. It has not been called "Excalibur" in the series yet but many expect it to turn out to be that sword associated with Arthur and the Lady of the Lake.


Nimue's Inspirational Speech ft. Katherine Langford Cursed Netflix India

After deciding not to turn the sword over to Merlin, Nimue claims the sword as her own, declaring it the "Sword of the First Queen."[5] After Nimue is seemingly killed by Sister Iris, Merlin claims the sword in rage and uses it to slay a number of Red Paladins, before conjuring a lightning storm to kill even more.[6]



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