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The Red Lake is the fourth episode of the first season of Cursed. It is the fourth episode of the series overall.


On her way to Gramaire, Nimue learns of a thriving Fey resistance. Merlin butters up Lord Rugen. Iris grows suspicious of Morgana.


  • Morgana returns to Yvoire Abbey and lies to Father Carden and the Red Paladins about how Nimue escaped.
  • Nimue travels in a carriage with some other Fey, including a leather merchant and his wife, and two Snake clan members. She asks them to take her to Gramaire instead of their original location so that she can find Arthur.
  • Pym is found hiding under a fish trap in Aaron's shed. He brings her to his mother and tells her that they're engaged and that she can't report Pym to the Red Paladins because she's as good as her own Christian daughter now. Pym objects to this.
  • When Nimue finds the carriage and the bodies of the Fey, she falls to the ground in her grief. She is able to find the little Snake clan girl that she had been playing with in the carriage earlier. She decides to get her somewhere safe.
  • Arthur, with the Sword of Power, slips through a checkpoint.
  • Merlin is brought before Rugen the Leper King. They discuss Father Carden and his raids, Rugen complaining that King Uther Pendragon has done nothing about it. Rugen accuses Merlin of losing his magic, while Merlin tries to tempt Rugen with promises of power.
  • Morgana speaks with Iris, who doesn't understand why Nimue didn't kill her. She expresses suspicion of Morgana and accuses her of letting a snake into the house.
  • Pym witnesses a woman being burned as witch.
  • Rugen takes Merlin to his treasure hall. He reveals that he is in possession of Fey fire.
  • Morgana flees Yvoire Abbey with the aid of a friend named Celia.
  • Nimue finds Arthur, who has lost of the Sword of Power and confronts him, forcing him to aid her in getting the sword back.
  • Working on a ship, Pym meets and strikes up a romance with a Viking man named Dof.
  • Merlin is poisoned by Rugen.
  • Nimue finds the Sword of Power in the cart of a Red Paladin caravan and some paladins bathing nearby. Enraged, she uses the Sword of Power to slay them and many more paladins who hear the commotion, but is nearly overwhelmed by an approaching force. Arthur then rescues her, telling her that she needs his help.
  • Nimue reunites with the survivor of the attacked caravan and they use symbols in the woods to make their way to safety. The Monk and Father Carden pray together while Sister Iris escapes the burning Yvoire Abbey.
  • Merlin escapes and Rugen orders one of his agents to bring him his "eyes and lying tongue." Meanwhile, Merlin secretly steals some of the Fey fire, then gets away.
  • Nimue, Arthur and the young girl arrive at Nemos, a place of safety.




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Behind the Scenes

The Red Lake is actually The Cascades in Great WIndsor Park at Virgina Water, Surrey, UK. It is less magical from this angle showing the A30 on Streetview. The Location is also the setting for the song Agony in Into The Woods.,-0.5952277,3a,60.9y,263.54h,76.15t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sDl271PTgmJlyMi-KagH44A!2e0!!7i16384!8i8192

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